Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tipu Kanan Tipu Kiri

Country: Malaysia
Production Company: Astro Shaw Sdn. Bhd.
Genre: Comedy
Director: Sharad Sharan
Starring: Hans Isaac, Natasha Hudson, Azwan Ali, Sazzy Falak, Fauzi Nawawi, Chistian Sugiono, Titi Kamal, Catherine Wilson
Length: NA
Date of release: 16th October, 2008


Rudy (Chistian Sugiono) and popstar Wulan (Titi Kamal) escapes from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur and unknowingly, sets off a series of events in motion which will severely test their devotion to each other.

Wulan has a “No Marriage’’ clause in her biggest recording contract – but Rudy is already her husband.

Meanwhile, Rudy has to hide his wife while fending off single women who find him simply irresistible.

They set foot in their new home on Valentine’s Day. Wulan is a possessive wife and finds it extremely hard to leave her man alone while she jets around on her concert tours.

One day his henpecked boss Remo (Hans Isaac) throws a welcome party in his honor and insists that he brings his wife. Rudy gets help from Mr. Fix It (Azwan Ali) who suggests that since he cannot reveal his true wife - he should simply rent one. The “new’’ wife appears in the form of the talented Sara (Natasha Hudson) – a small time local performer. Her boss Zulfiqli (Fauzi Nawawi) allows her to go out for one evening, provided he gets a cut of her fee.

Sara’s sweet face is a big hit at the office party where she sings an impromptu song to Rudy with whom she has developed a soft spot for. Remo is mesmerized by Sara and his wife has to control him from making a complete fool of himself.

When Rudy returns he is in for a surprise. Wulan is back after having completed her recording and not wanting to be away from her loved one. Wulan has sent for her sister to “take care’’ of the home in her absence. Rudy insists that Wulan should trust him more and they argue. In a sulk on the balcony Rudy, hums the little song Sara has made for him. Wulan comes to make peace and she too thinks that it is a good song.

The next morning, the whole office is agog with the star of the night, Mrs Rudy Affendi. “Why, she sings better than the great Wulan!’’ Remo invites Rudy home for dinner so that his wife Lina (Catherine Wilson) makes up for the previous night’s jealousy. And Remo NEVER says NO to his wife.

Rudy cannot wriggle out of the dinner so he has to “hire’’ Sara again. And to make things worse, Wulan is in Jakarta this time and he has to be back to pick up his sister-in-law, Indrayiti (Sazzy Falak).

The dinner is regal, as Lina is a great hostess - until Wulan phones in and asks her for Rudy as he is late.

Lina asks: “Whom shall I say is calling?’’

Wulan replies: “His bitter half.’’

Seeds of suspicion now begin to take root in Lina’s mind. Rudy must actually be married to the woman who called on the phone and Remo is just using his general manager position to spend time with Sara. Remo tries to her tell the truth but Lina’s imagination is vivid.

Rudy is in a complete Catch 22 situation. If Wulan finds out that he had introduced another girl as his wife, he will be finished but at the same time he cannot confide in his boss without losing his job. As the plot thickens, Rudy knows that his game is up and needs to find a solution to clear all misunderstandings at an apartment next door to his.

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